Donate another 5 million yuan! JAC Motors has donated a total of 15 million to assist in the prevention and control of NCP

On February 9, JAC Motors donated another 5 million yuan in cash to Anhui Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Command to help win the fight against epidemic outbreak. So far, JAC has donated a total of 15 million yuan in cash to continue to support epidemic prevention and control.

At present, the epidemic prevention and control has entered a critical period in which the country has built up a firm confidence that as long as all people work together and be fearless, the fight must succeed finally. This time, JAC Motors donated another 5 million yuan for the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, and express high respects to the medical personnel who are struggling at the frontline of the epidemic fight.

With the spread of the epidemic and the urgent need for protective materials, JAC Motors made the best use of the trade relations established with more than 130 countries and regions around the world and took the full advantage of JAC Italy R & D Center and JAC Japan R & D Center, and cooperated with global distributors, partners, and the staff of the Overseas R & D and Center and overcome various difficulties to actively assist the relevant organization in purchasing various types of medical supplies in short supply. At the key point of epidemic prevention and control, JAC quickly organized all parties to donate 5,000 units of 3M masks that meet the FFP2 and FFP3 standards, and 1200 sets of medical protective clothing, and assisted the relevant organization in purchasing more than 50,000 sets of medical supplies in need. JAC Motors has given the strong support in the epidemic prevention and control and demonstrated a high sense of social responsibility.

Facing the severe situation of the epidemic, JAC Motors simultaneously required all branches and subsidiaries in the country to obey the local government’s epidemic prevention and control requirements and unified dispatch, actively participated in the epidemic prevention and control work, and called on all brand dealers’ 4S shops and service stations to actively participate in the epidemic prevention and control work in accordance with the requirements of the local government and received positive response and support.

As the frontline of the fight against epidemic, life supplies in Wuhan, which city has been sealed off , are in an emergency. Many supermarkets and vegetable markets are closed so that citizens have nowhere to buy vegetables. On January 30, JAC sent a professional emergency team consisting of 9 units heavy trucks and 1 unit Refine M6 commercial vehicle. After receiving temperature testing and safety training for medical personnel, 10 employees will take 300 tons of vegetables donated by Hefei City to arrive in Wuhan in time. The 500 km «retrograde» journey to Wuhan, where the epidemic is most severe, means that the driver and passenger will be at risk of being infected and will accept 14 days of quarantine upon return. This group of JAC knew they were going to be quarantined and still volunteered for the mission to contribute to winning the epidemic. Since the outbreak, JAC Motors’ subsidiaries, dealers, and service stations all over the world have actively participated in epidemic prevention and control, donated anti-epidemic materials, transported living materials in emergency, repaired transportation vehicles and established emergency vehicle team for the dispatch of local government and other support operations.

JAC Motors has always actively fulfilled and assumed the social responsibilities of state-owned enterprises, and invested a lot of resources in various social public welfare undertakings. In 2019, JAC Motors successfully withstood the huge downward pressure on the auto market and successfully achieved profitability. Although it is still under the pressure of transformation and development, JAC Motors has taken its responsibility and done its utmost to assist the domestic epidemic prevention and control work.
JAC will continue to pay attention to the situation of the epidemic, fully support the prevention and control of the epidemic, and work together with the people of the country to win the battle against the epidemic!

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